Your Garden Catalog Is A Great Tool

Bet you never thought about that garden catalog you get in the mail as a useful tool for your garden?  The information found in that catalog is priceless.

When you read this article you will know more about finding the right varieties for your garden, the best way to plant your vegetables and finding new ideas for your garden.

Choosing the right vegetable varieties for your garden

What you plant in your garden needs to match where you are gardening and how you are gardening.

If you live in the north you want short season varieties that will mature before the first frost.  Down south you may be more interested in varieties that can withstand the heat of summer.

Some vegetable varieties handle the stress of drought more than others.  You best know your growing conditions and using the plant descriptions in the seed catalog can guide you to the best seeds to plant for your conditions.

Finding the best way to plant each vegetable

A good seed company will have an explanation of the best way to grow each type of vegetable in their catalog.  

They will give you information on the best culture for you to get top results with your chosen seed.  The company will explain if the plants will do better in the spring or can they be sown successfully in the fall.  

You will also learn how deep to plant the seed, how far apart for a particular variety and the best time to harvest.  Some will even tell you if a plant needs extra fertility and water.

A good seed company will give suggestions on coping with that plants main pests.  Usually, seeding rate is discussed and there should be information on how many seeds in a seed packet.

New ideas

This is one of my favorite things about garden catalogs.  I am always looking for new varieties of garden plants and flowers.  Every year I try a new vegetable or a new variety of a vegetable I already plant.  It makes gardening more fun and I often find a variety I really enjoy growing.

Then there are the gadgets.  Every catalog has new garden tools each year.  Most gardeners love their tools.  Then there are new ways to grow your vegetables, like the low tunnel craze that’s hot right now.

Can you tell I can’t wait to get my new garden catalog every year, and you will too when you discover all the information you have at your fingertips.  

From now on don’t just thumb through your catalog to pick out the same old stuff, look for the right varieties for your garden, discover the best way to plant each vegetable and, especially, look at the new tools and methods for growing a better garden.  If you will start looking at your catalog in a new way you will have a better winter.

Great gardening,

Steve Wisley has been gardening organically for over a quarter of a century.  Gardening is a great way to, not only, grow great tasting, healthy, chemical free food that is good for your family, but gardening is reconnecting with your soul.  It is getting your hands in the stuff that life is based upon, and it can heal some of hurt you feel inside.  

Steve started this blog to guide others in starting and improving their organic garden to produce healthy, nutritious, great tasting food for their family.  Pick up your copy of the booklet “6 Easy Common Sense Tips To Ban Bugs From Your Garden Without Chemicals”.


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