Time For Garden Seeds

Have you picked up your garden seeds?  I received mine in the mail last week.  I usually order most of my seeds, besides what I save, from a seed catalog.

Now, I am all for buying local and supporting the neighbors, but when it comes to seeds there is a much larger choice of type and variety from the better seed companies.

As a plus, you can easily get heirloom varieties from many of the seed companies today.  A lot of the local garden stores only carry the hybrid seeds.

It is wise to put in your order early because they will sometimes run out of some varieties late in the season, and occasionally, there will be a crop failure and you will have to change to another type.

If you are planning to raise some of your own plants, like tomatoes or peppers, you will want your seeds early to get a head start.  You will want to take a look at the growing suggestions from the seed supplier.  They will tell you how long before the last frost date to start your seeds.

I like to start seeds at different times.  That way if the frost comes late, and my plants lose their quality, I will still have good strong plants coming on for a later planting.  Crops like tomatoes will get leggy and will be slow to take off when transplanted and never seem to do as good as they should when they do not get planted on time and sorta’ outgrow themselves.

So, if you do not have your seeds yet, now is the time.  Make this the year you try something new.  If you haven’t raised your own plants before get started this spring.  Maybe, you can find a new variety of vegetable or flower you have not raised before, make this year the time to give it a try.  Or, if you have never gardened before jump in there and get your hands dirty.  You may find a part of your soul you have been missing.

Steve Wisley has been gardening organically for over a quarter of a century.  Gardening is a great way to, not only, grow great tasting, healthy, chemical free food that is good for your family, but gardening is reconnecting with your soul.  It is getting your hands in the stuff that life is based upon, and it can heal some of hurt you feel inside.  Steve started this blog to guide others in starting and improving their organic garden to produce healthy, nutritious, great tasting food for their family.  Pick up your free copy of the booklet “6 Easy Common Sense Tips To Ban Bugs From Your Garden Without Chemicals”.

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