Do You Ever Struggle With Gardening Organically?

But if each man could have his own house, a large garden to cultivate and healthy surroundings – then, I thought, there will be for them a better opportunity of a happy family life.
George Cadbury


Gardening organically can be a “pain” at times.  If you are like me and want to keep as many chemicals away from my life as I can, then you know what I mean. 

When the bean beetles are devouring the beans, you just want to get out the Sevin and kill something.  But, that’s not what we are about.  There really is a better way.

I know I have had my share of struggles over the years of gardening organically.  But, it seems that as I have learned to use row cover, and how to properly mulch, and to rely on my own plants, instead of the nursery’s, things keep getting better and better.

I have read that what you do at your place soon molds itself into your system, seeds being a prime example.  If you save your own seeds the plants will adapt to your garden environment.  As time goes by those seeds will be the best thing you can find for your garden.

When I raised pigs there would be an e-coli, or some other critter, that would kick my butt, but over time that problem would just seem to drift away.  But, of course, a new one would arise to take it’s place.

I guess what I am trying to say is if you are having a hard time with your garden and are thinking about giving up…don’t.  You have gained valuable experience during the time you have been working out in the garden.  Now, is the time to put that knowledge to good use.

Dig in and learn what other gardeners are doing to whip your problem.  Follow us here on our blog.  Send in your questions.  If I can’t answer your question, there may be someone else out there who can.

Gardening is a lot of fun and can be very rewarding in lots of ways.  Let’s build a great garden together this spring.


Steve Wisley has been gardening organically for over a quarter of a century.  He started this blog to guide others in starting and improving their organic garden to produce healthy, nutritious, great tasting food for their family, too.


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