Seed Catalogs

I don’t know about you, but I have started to receive seed catalogs already.  It seems that the seed companies are sending out their catalogs earlier every year.  They must be like the retailers who try to push the Christmas season earlier all the time.

While we are on the subject of seed catalogs, what are you looking for when you buy seeds?  I have gotten to the place where I am leaning more and more to the non-GMO, non-hybrid seeds.  Sometimes I get the organic, but not always.  It is still hard to find everything I want that is raised organically.

The seeds shown in the photo are golden bell pepper seeds.  I raised those organically.  Raising your own seeds is another program by itself.  There are a wide variety of methods that must be followed for different seeds.  It really is fascinating if you want to get in it.

If you are interested in raising food free of GMO genetics (genetically modified organism) you had best beware.  The seed companies may not tell you which seeds are GMO and which are not.  It is left up to you to try to figure that out for yourself.  That’s why I use so many heritage seeds.

Plus, if you raise a plant that is an heirloom open pollinated type you can save your own seed.  Saving seed is a fun thing to do and can be very helpful in your gardening.

If you save your own seeds and select for the best producers every year you will soon have a plant with the best genetics for your local and soil.  Then you will be producing the best you can for your area. 

When you purchase seeds from a seed company you do not know where the seed actually comes from.  Companies have growers all over the country raising their seeds to spread the risk of a crop failure.  So, you may order from a company in Oregon and the seeds actually come from Florida.  Well, maybe not quite that bad.  We will get more into saving seeds later.

It is always a joy to start receiving the new catalogs each winter.  I like to see what is new and it gets me thinking about the coming spring.  There is nothing better to do on a snowy winter day that to sat by the fire and plan the summer harvest with your colorful new seed catalogs.

Enjoy your winter and think spring.

Happy gardening,


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