Planting Peas

The biggest secret to planting peas is to plant as early as you can in the spring.  This year I planted peas in February.  Peas lose quality and production fast in summer heat.  So, the sooner you can plant the better.

Peas can be grown with great success in the fall, but they can be hard to start in the summer heat.  That takes a different process, so we will just cover spring pea planting in this article.

The steps to great peas are to prepare ahead, start early in spring, good fertility, watch the weeds and keep the rabbits out.  That should cover growing great peas.

Prepare ahead

Peas need an early start, so start thinking about planting peas in the fall.  Decide where you will plant the peas and prepare the soil for planting.  I usually will cover the row with straw to keep weeds from coming up.  Pull the straw back a week or so before planting to let the soil dry.

Start early

Plant your peas as early as you can in the spring.  It is best to plant at different times, in case it is rainy and the seed rots.  By staggering the plantings you are sure to get a good crop.  You can get treated seed to help with seed rot, but I prefer to keep every thing organic.

Good fertility

I like to side dress the peas, after they get started, with a little compost to feed them well as they grow.  Peas produce their own nitrogen, so they do not need any additional nitrogen.


Weeds grow very quickly in the early summer, so it is best to be prepared and mulch the peas when they get big enough.  If I mulch the row in the fall I will just pull the mulch back and plant right in the mulch.  That way the mulch can just be pulled up around the plants as they grow.


Rabbits love peas as much as you do.  The only way I have found to keep the rabbits from eating my peas is to put up a fence.  You do not have to fence the whole garden.  Just get a roll of chicken wire about 2 or 3 feet tall and stake it around the row.  Rabbits can clean out a whole row of peas in one night.

I hope you enjoy your peas this summer.  They are delicious.  Just remember to prepare ahead, start early, use good fertility, watch the weeds and keep the rabbits out.

Great gardening,

Steve Wisley has been gardening organically for over a quarter of a century.  Gardening is a great way to, not only, grow great tasting, healthy, chemical free food that is good for your family, but gardening is reconnecting with your soul.  It is getting your hands in the stuff that life is based upon, and it can heal some of hurt you feel inside.  

Steve started this blog to guide others in starting and improving their organic garden to produce healthy, nutritious, great tasting food for their family.  Pick up your copy of the booklet “6 Easy Common Sense Tips To Ban Bugs From Your Garden Without Chemicals”.


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