Gardening Can Be Fun And Healthy

There are many reasons why people garden.  Some garden to get healthy great tasting food for their family, others just want to lower their food bill.  Whatever your reason for wanting to garden you and your family can be more healthy and have fun at the same time.

Let’s take a look at why garden, why organic and how gardening can be fun.  In this article we will help you decide if gardening is right for you.

Why garden

Why should you garden?  Gardening is a lot of work…right?  First, work is in the eye of the beholder.  Gardening is work, but it does not have to be drudgery.  When people first start to garden they do not know how.  They think this is simple; you just scratch up the soil and drop a seed, come back in a few weeks and pick those bright red tomatoes.  

It is a little more involved than that and if you are thinking that you are missing the point.  The reasons for organic gardening are you get great tasting food, the food is free of chemicals, you have the peace of mind of knowing where your food comes from and you feel a great since of accomplishment, because you grew your own food.

Why organic

The amount of chemicals in the world is staggering.  I think the chemical load on mankind will prove to be one of the biggest mistakes we have made in this world.  Our science has out run our understanding.  We found we could produce these chemicals, and started to do so, without completely testing all areas of possible harm, especially what happens when these chemicals combine in the environment.

Organic farming and gardening raised food with the use of chemicals.  It is a persistent thought in our society that we cannot raise enough food without chemicals.  That is simple not true.  Organic farmers are seeing yields equal to the chemicals farms.  Plus, they are not destroying the fertility with their farming practices.

Gardening can be fun

As we mentioned above, some people think that gardening, especially organic gardening, is a lot of work.  Sticking our hands in the dirt is a trait passed down to us from our ancestors.  There is something satisfying about working in the soil and seeing something grow that you planted.

The work in gardening is mainly when you first start to garden.  Organic gardening is a little more work, because you do not just dump chemicals on your own food.  You need to maintain some form of compost and learn how to deal with the pest without the chemicals.

It is easy after you learn.  Organic gardening is just like anything else, you must learn the tricks to be successful.  Once you learn how to garden properly and involve the whole family in your gardening project it can be a very fun rewarding time together.

Great gardening,

Steve Wisley has been gardening organically for over a quarter of a century.  Gardening is a great way to, not only, grow great tasting, healthy, chemical free food that is good for your family, but gardening is reconnecting with your soul.  It is getting your hands in the stuff that life is based upon, and it can heal some of hurt you feel inside.  

Steve started this blog to guide others in starting and improving their organic garden to produce healthy, nutritious, great tasting food for their family.  Pick up your copy of the booklet “6 Easy Common Sense Tips To Ban Bugs From Your Garden Without Chemicals”.


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