Great Cauliflower From My Organic Garden

I just have to brag a little.  Never before has the cauliflower grown like it had this year, as evidenced in the picture.  But, this year the garden was not planted until the Fourth of July weekend.  I hurt my back in November of last year and barely recovered enough to plant a garden by July, and then it wasn’t easy.

In years past the cauliflower was planted in the spring when the plants were available, but this year I knew I was not going to be able to get them in the ground, so I planted cauliflower seeds and grew my own sets.

As a result, the cauliflower and broccoli were just harvested.  I guess the cooler fall weather helped them form better heads. They were planted the same way as usual, with just compost and then covered with a row cover to keep the cabbage worm away. Whatever, I am going to be enjoying good garden raised organic cauliflower most of the winter.

Next year I plan to spread my plantings, and thus harvest, out over the year.  More details on how I plan to do that later.

Great gardening,


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