Buying Organic Garden Plants

As an organic gardener should you buy plants from a garden store?  You have no way to know how those plants were raised and what was poured on them to get them to grow.

We will take a look at the difference between the conventional vegetable plants grown for the local nursery and purely organic plants and where to find them.

The every day plants you will find at the nursery have been grown with lots of chemicals.  They are spoon fed chemical fertilizer to keep them looking good for the customer.  If you are gardening organically you must decide if that is an option for you.

Most people in our culture have not considered the fact that tons of chemicals are dumped on our food every day.  The nursery that grows garden plants only for profit want to make as much as fast as possible and using chemicals are how they think is the best way to do that.

Using chemicals cut a lot of labor and that is a big cost for them.  So, to the large company that is worth the use of chemicals and do not even consider any options.  Plus, the average consumer does not ask for organic plants, because they are going home and pouring chemicals on the plants to get them to grow in their own garden.  You can’t really blame the companies giving the customer what they want.

As an organic gardener you may feel like you do not want to use plants started with chemicals.  You do have other ways of getting good quality organic plants, here are a couple of ways to do that.

I garden organically, and do buy some plants from the nursery when I lose some plants or see something new I want to try that they have.  I don’t want to make that a full-time practice and if necessary I could do without the chemical grown plants.

You have the option to start your own plants before spring in a south facing window, under grow lights, or as I often do, start them in a cold frame.  I really like sowing my own seeds so that I can get the varieties that I want, and I can stagger the plantings out over the growing seasons.  The nursery usually only has plants available during the spring rush.

Another option is to look in the better garden catalogs for organic vegetable plants.  They usually do not have much of a variety and they are pricey, but that is another way you can go.

To get serious about going organic and you want organic plants, you will have to do it yourself, just like most things in life.  This article should help decide where you are with your organic gardening and what to do about your organic garden plants.

Great gardening,

Steve Wisley has been gardening organically for over a quarter of a century.  Gardening is a great way to, not only, grow great tasting, healthy, chemical free food that is good for your family, but gardening is reconnecting with your soul.  It is getting your hands in the stuff that life is based upon, and it can heal some of hurt you feel inside.  

Steve started this blog to guide others in starting and improving their organic garden to produce healthy, nutritious, great tasting food for their family.  Pick up your copy of the booklet “6 Easy Common Sense Tips To Ban Bugs From Your Garden Without Chemicals”.


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