My name is Steve Wisley. I have been gardening organically for about 20 years or more. To me, organic gardening and farming is a way of life. One of the most important aspects of my life is to be healthy and active. To maintain health and to be active you must eat good, nutritious foods.

There are really only two ways to obtain good, nutritious foods and they are to either raise your own or know the person, or persons, who produce your food. The food supply in the USA is loaded with chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified organism (GMO) genetics.

Consider the following information the World Health Organization ranks the US at 37 for overall all health systems, 73 for health performance and 24 for healthy life expectancy. That does not get it for me. We must be doing something wrong.

The system is not working, so we must take care of ourselves. I decided that one of the things I could to protect my family was to grow healthy food. That led me to organic gardening.

Having raised pigs for 23 years left me with plenty of organic matter (pig poo), so the “natural” thing to do was to put that resource to good use…compost. That’s when I really got started with organic gardening.

I no longer raise pigs, but still have a few cows. The organic garden has grown, so to speak, to the place where I can grow a significant percent of my food. The food that I do not raise is either purchased from the farmer’s market or from an organic co-op.

So, what I am saying is I know good food, I know how to grow nutritious food and I love to eat good nutritious food, and I would love to help you do the same for your family.

Hope you will join me as we explore the best ways to raise organic foods the fun and easy way.

Happy Gardening,

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