Why Garden?

Nothing is prettier than peas in spring

Why do you want to garden?  What is your motive, your purpose?  You see, gardening is a commitment.  It takes time and energy to produce what you desire.  (Although, we will show you how to take most of the hard stuff out of the equation)  If your purpose is not strong you will quit without reaping the benefits of your labor.

Have you thought about your main reason for wanting to garden?  Is it to grow healthy food for yourself and your family?  Could it be a relaxing healthy hobby to keep you fit and active?  Or, are you really concerned about the amount of chemicals in the food supply, and the fact that so much energy goes into the normal food chain?

Could it be all of the above?  You can see they all apply.  Growing your own food can be a fun, healthy project for the whole family.  Gardening is a project that I have enjoyed the majority of my life, and become more convinced every day that raising my own healthy food is one of the most rewarding uses of my time, and it will be for you too.

 Why Organic Gardening?

 Just what is organic gardening and how does it differ from just plain ol’ gardening?  Organic gardening is as much a philosophy of life as a method for tilling the soil.

To garden truly organic means you do not use any chemicals in soil prep, during the growth period of the plant and do not use chemical herbicide (weed killer) or pesticide (bug killer).  Now, that may sound impossible in today’s world, but let me assure you it is not only possible, but very practical and is being used by millions of gardeners and farmers all across the globe we call earth.

It amazes me that people spend the most that they can on a nice car, the best house they can afford and the latest clothes, but when it comes to the maintenance of their body, their health, they simply buy the cheapest food they can find and rely on a stranger who only sees them 10 minutes twice a year to keep them in the peak of health.

Does that really make sense?  I overheard one young lady tell another young lady that she takes 17 different prescriptions.  That is ridiculous.  That’s why you will want to produce the best foods for your family, organically grown foods.

And, do not think that going to one of the big box grocery stores and grazing from the organic foods section will get the job done.  Much of the foods labeled as “organic” in the grocery comes from other countries.  It is produced much the same as conventional foods.  Who knows what’s in a food product that comes from China.  They cannot even keep hazardous materials out of their own country’s foods.

Growing organic foods for yourself is not as hard as it may seem.  We will show you how to raise the foods you need for your good health without all that backbreaking work.  In fact I think that organic gardening is a fun relaxing way to spend an evening.

 Why Would You Want To Listen To Me?

 I practice what I preach.  I grow a large portion of my own food organically.  In fact I have been gardening organically for about 27 years and gardened conventionally for all my life.  You do not need to know how many years that has been.

Plus, I farmed for almost 23 years, raising pigs most of that time.  I was raised on a dairy farm and sold livestock equipment for several years.  So, you see, I have a sound education in a lot of things farming and gardening.  Plus, reading is one of my top hobbies, and gardening and farming are my favorite topics.

I firmly believe that raising our food supply organically is the only way we can survive in this chemical infested world and the sooner we get off of the chemical companies list of cash cows the sooner many of the diseases we are experiencing today will fall away.

 What You Will Find On This Blog

First, and foremost we will give you tips, tricks, and methods for raising vegetables in the healthiest way with the least amount of effort.

Thrown in with that will be information on how to stay healthy by eating foods that are actually good for you and taste great.  You will not believe the difference in the foods you get from the grocery and what you can raise in your own back yard, or front yard if you prefer.

We may sneak in a news tidbit on what the chemical companies and their pals in the government are up to by controlling your health, every now and then.

Hope I didn’t scare you away.  Come along for the ride and let’s grow good things together.  One thing about organic gardener’s…they have good taste.

Happy Gardening,


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